my light

my guide

one who lets me see the world

illuminate the way for many others

bless them with your rays

giving goddess

the plants all rise to greet you

burning star in the sky

one of these nights I will join you



my powerful love

the tides bend and shift to your will

each of your craters a gift from the passing of time

inspiration of so many songs

each of your phases more beautiful than the last

each of your beams a blessing to the eyes

so close yet so far away

one day I will join you


sun and moon in a constant dance

sometimes they align

both of them thankful for the chance

to bask in each other’s shine

Originally published at on August 9, 2019.

Writer. Womanist. Worrier. Alliteration Enthusiast. #AllBlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter

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