Homeless People Are Still People

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The issue with homelessness is not the individuals that are homeless, its the lack of empathy and understanding from people that are not.

Slanted Benches

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Tiered Seating

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Raised Grate Covers

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Street Dividers

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Street Spikes

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Homeless people are not the problem. Homelessness is.

LGBTQ+ youth

Mentally ill individuals whose family cannot afford care or who have no family to speak of.



Graph Source: OCED

Even Alcatraz abided by that mantra.

Photo Source: Jill Fales

So what happens now? What are the solutions to this?

Restructuring taxes?

Raising the minimum wage?

Homeless people are human beings. They deserve respect. They deserve help from their respective governments. They deserve a chance to live a good life — end of story.

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