How white men commit atrocity after atrocity and how white supremacy excuses their behavior

Left to Right: Robert Aaron Long, Dylann Roof, Nikolas Cruz, Kyle Rittenhouse

The rest of us are not so lucky

Unsplash — mwangi gatheca

The protests against social distancing guidelines are the embodiment of white privilege. Here’s why:

Source: Library of Congress & OC Hawk

The protests against the closures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic are dangerous displays of selfishness and privilege


This global pandemic will prevent the systems in place globally from going “back to normal”

Pexels — Anna Shvets

How have black people have been deemed as inferior by white supremacy while being interwoven in the personal lives of white people?

Unsplash — Zulmaury Saavedra

How white supremacist’s historical lust for global power is their present-day undoing

Source — Shuttershock

“Stop and Frisk” cannot be explained away by Mike Bloomberg as an ‘oops, my bad’, here’s why.

Getty Images — Darren Hauck

One solution to white supremacy is delegitimizing it through the power of education.

Unsplash — moren hsu

If America were a tree, white supremacy would be its roots.

Soler Bean

Writer. Womanist. Worrier. Alliteration Enthusiast. #AllBlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter

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